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Mortar & Pestle Thai – Manly, Restaurant Review

Mortal & Pestle Thai Manly - Gai Wan

Mortar & Pestle Thai, located in Manly, is a trendy looking restaurant that seems to be quite popular amongst the locals. With large wooden panels adorning the exterior and plenty of modern dark furnishings inside, it was hard to walk past this restaurant when we were looking for a place to eat. The fact that it was incredibly busy at the time also helped reassure us that the food here must be great.

As it turns out, though, it’s the cheap prices that brings everyone to Mortar & Pestle Thai in Manly. $10 for decent tasting mains in a nicely furnished restaurant is quite a bargain!

Once seated (on a table with 50 unused plates sitting beside us) we ordered the following mains from the menu:

Gai Wan ($10)
Sweet chicken with steamed greens served with coconut rice (pictured above).

Though this dish had a nice taste to it, one thing about it really annoyed me. And that was the temperature. I like my meals to be nice and hot, so that it feels like it has been freshly cooked. This dish felt more like it had been sitting on the table for over an hour!

Red Chicken Curry ($10)
Chicken cooked in a mild coconut cream sauce with vegetables served with steamed rice.

Mortal & Pestle Thai Manly - Red Chicken Curry

Unlike the Gai Wan, the Red Chicken Curry was nice and hot! The sauce wasn’t too thick and there was plenty of chicken and veggies to complete the dish. Definitely not the best Red Chicken Curry I’ve ever eaten, however, still enjoyable.

If you’ve read a few of my other restaurant reviews, you’ll notice that service is a big thing for me. Nothing upsets me more, than people who are rude. Mortar & Pestle Thai’s service was well below par. I don’t care how busy you are, at least look me in the eyes when you bring over my dish. And place it in front of me, not on the far corner of the table before storming off!

Another thing to add is hygiene. Sitting near the kitchen area we could see one of the staff members preparing rice paper rolls. In the 45mins that we were there, she still hadn’t finished the rolls and all the while they just lay there in the open air. Did I mention that she wasn’t wearing gloves and freely touching everything else all over the restaurant?

Overall it’s clear that people frequent this restaurant because of the cheap prices and decent food. Apart from that, I can’t find many other reasons to visit Mortar & Pestle Thai in Manly.

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  • Food 5/10
  • Ambience 6/10
  • Service 4/10
  • Value 7/10
  • Name: Mortar & Pestle Thai
  • Website: None.
  • Phone: (02) 9977 1112
  • Location: 2b Darley Road, Manly. NSW.
  • Opening Hours: Not available.
  •  Mortar & Pestle on Urbanspoon

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