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Chefs Gallery – Sydney CBD, Chinese Restaurant Review

Chefs Gallery - Outside

Chefs Gallery is a Chinese restaurant located just around the corner from KFC on George Street in Sydney’s CBD. Despite the stiff competition from The Colonel (HAH!), Chefs Gallery does really well by offering some beautiful Modern Chinese cuisines that not only taste good, but are visually appealing as well.

Speaking of visual appeal, I have to admit that I loved the interior design of this restaurant. It is very classy, modern, yet warm and inviting at the same time. I also absolutely love the signage at the front of the restaurant. Created using large, lit up characters, it reminds me of the big “Hollywood” sign in the hills of Los Angeles. Brilliant way to stand out from your competition!

Chefs Gallery - Interior

Once I had finished admiring the interior, I perused the menu and discovered that there were quite a number of dishes to choose from. The menu also had photos of the more popular dishes, which I think is great and something I wish more restaurants employed the use of. On this occasion we selected the following dishes:

Chefs Gallery - Wok Fried Rice with Three Eggs

Wok fried medium grain rice with three kinds of eggs (chicken, salted duck egg and century egg) – $14.90

I know this is just fried rice, however, I found this particular dish to be simply delicious! So much so that I wished I had it all to myself instead of sharing it with three others. It’s definitely a must try if you visit Chefs Gallery.

Chefs Gallery - Prawn & Pork Wontons in Sichuan Spicy Soup

Prawn and pork wontons in a Shanghainese style spicy sauce – $9.90

The Shanghainese style spicy sauce in this dish had quite a zing to it! Combined with the softness and delicate feel of the wontons, it made for a wonderful combination, that again, made me wish I had the whole dish to myself :(

Chefs Gallery - Chefs Handmade Egg & Spinach Tofu

Chef’s own handmade egg & spinach tofu lightly pan fried, topped with preserved vegetables – $16.90

I’d like to point out that I’m not a big fan of tofu. I know it’s supposed to be healthy and all that, but there is just something about the texture of tofu that I find slightly off-putting. So I guess my review of this dish is slightly biased. Now although the dish looked amazing with it’s geometric shape and abundance of pattern and texture, I found the actual taste to be rather bland and lacking substance. Having said that, my friends quite enjoyed it, so it might just be me!

Chefs Gallery - Lightly Fried Prawn Dumpings

Lightly fried prawn dumplings, using Australian wild caught jumbo size prawns wrapped in pastry – $12.90

Unlike tofu, I am a massive fan of prawns! So it was a given that I order the prawn dumplings. I found the dish to be quite enjoyable. There wasn’t any complexity to it. It was just prawn wrapped in pastry and lightly fried. Simple, yet delicious.

Chefs Gallery - Hand Made Noodles with Sliced Beef

Handmade noodles with sliced beef shin slow roasted in premium soya sauce dipped in a Sichuan soup – $14.90

This dish was recommended by a friend, mainly due to the handmade noodles, which is supposed to be delicious. All in all the dish was okay, yet it lacked in one vital area. That being the sliced beef. It was way too dry and lacked taste. Another thing to note is that the soup is really spicy! If you don’t like spicy dishes, then I would steer well clear of this.

Chefs Gallery - Daikon Radish Cakes

Savoury diakon radish cakes, a traditional homepage dish.

Because we were so full from our mains, we decided to get something small for desert. When the daikon radish cakes came out, I was very impressed by it’s simplistic presentation. It wasn’t tacky, over-the-top or looked like it had just been thrown together. It definitely made me salivate just looking at it. Now I can’t remember the last time I ate radish – maybe in a salad somewhere? – so I was very much looking forward to it’s distinct taste. Once I bit into the cake, I was very surprised to find that it tasted very different to what I was expecting. It didn’t have the tanginess of radish, but instead offered a more muted, yet undoubtedly delicious taste.

All in all, my experience at Chefs Gallery was a very positive one. The staff were friendly, the ambience striking, and the food, on a whole, was quite delicious. It’s a restaurant I’m definitely keen to try again and would highly recommend to others. Oh and did I mention they also do Yum Cha?

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  • Food 7/10
  • Ambience 7/10
  • Service 7/10
  • Value 6/10
  • Name: Chefs Gallery
  • Website:
  • Phone: (02) 9267 8877
  • Location: 12/501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Opening Hours: Lunch
    Monday to Sunday: 11am - 3pm
    Monday to Sunday: 5pm - 10pm
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