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Sushi Rio – Sydney CBD, Japanese Restaurant Review

Sushi Rio

Sushi Rio is located on the southern end of Sussex Street in the Sydney CBD. Positioned right on the corner at Liverpool Street, the restaurant is adorned with large glass window panes and prominent ‘SUSHI RIO’ signage sitting behind them. The fittings are a beautiful mix of dark granite, deep blacks, brushed aluminium, combined with a striking large chandelier that makes for a very modern and sophisticated look.

This sophistication and quality is demonstrated again in the food itself. Almost every dish we had was beautifully fresh and tasted great. You could also tell that the chef had taken his time to carefully arrange the ingredients to create an appealing look.

Now given the quality of the restaurant, it’s inherent popularity and the fact that the food here is absolutely delicious. I was very surprised to find out that it isn’t an overly expensive place to eat at. Most of the dishes range from about $2.50 to $6.50 each – which if you’re sharing with a group of friends, means you only pay about $20-$30 per person. And that’s great for what you’re getting!

See below for a glimpse of what we ate on this particular visit:

Sushi Rio - Tuna Nigiri

Tuna Nigiri ($3.00)

When the fish is this fresh, you cant’ really go wrong with Tuna Nigiri. Great dish to start of with.

Sushi Rio - Grilled Scallops Roll

Grilled Scallops Roll ($4.50)

Grilled scallops is a favourite of so many, which is why we had to order a few plates on this occasion. Delicious scallops with the subtle, yet distinct, seared taste and a dollop of Japanese mayo on top… YUM!

Sushi Rio - Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll

Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll ($3.50)

Soft. Shell. Crab. Oh God do I love soft shell crabs! Whether it’s in soups, rolls or just on it own, it is something that I simply can’t resist. This hand roll didn’t disappoint with it’s generous portion of crab.

Sushi Rio - Chicken Namban

Chicken Namban ($6.20)

Now I have to point out that this dish didn’t look too appealing to me at first glance. I guess the green lettuce and shallots, combined with the soft browns of the chicken made it look a little bland or ordinary? Who knows and who cares because the taste was delightful! I felt really guilty as I went back for a piece of chicken again and again.

Sushi Rio - Tako Karage

Tako Karaage ($6.20)

As you might have realised from my review of Ju Ju Japanese Tavern in Kings Cross, I am a huge fan of Chicken Karaage. Huge, huge fan! So it was only logical to try the Tako (Octopus) Karaage. Visually this dish is brilliantly enticing. I was imagining biting into the crunchy Karaage shell even before the waitress had put the dish on the table. As expected, it tasted delicious. The contrast of the crunchy shell and the softness of the octopus inside was great!

Sushi Rio - Soft Shell Crab With Tofu

Soft Shell Crab With Tofu ($5.90)

Soft. Shell. Crab. Enough said!

Sushi Rio - Baked Seafood Pastry Case

Baked Seafood Pastry Case ($5.50)

Now this dish my look like a party pie that your mum heated in the oven. But trust me on this, it is surprisingly delicious!

Sushi Rio - Egg Custard

Egg Custard ($4.20) 

You can’t complete a meal without a good old Egg Custard :)

So what did I think of my experience at Sushi Rio? I loved it! The staff at the restaurant were all very friendly and attentive (which I have come to expect from Japanese restaurants). The restaurant itself was striking, the food beautifully fresh and delicious and it was also great value. My friends had always talked up this restaurant, so I was very happy that it lived up to that hype!

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  • Food 8/10
  • Ambience 7/10
  • Service 8/10
  • Value 7/10

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  1. yum i love soft shell crab too!

  2. Eating in Sydney says:

    Yeah, they’re an absolute joy to eat! I can’t believe I was only introduced to soft shell crabs a few years ago.

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