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Lotus – Potts Point, Restaurant Review

Lotus Restaurant

With all the celebrations and excitement of bringing in the New Year, as well as the Christmas festivities before that, there is one thing that brings you back down to Earth. Quickly. And that’s your first week back at work. So after what has been the busiest last few months of my working life, it was really nice to finish off the week  by going out to a top restaurant for drinks and a meal.

The restaurant of choice on this occasion was Dan Hong’s Lotus, located in the buzzing – and quite often for the wrong reasons – suburb of Kings Cross (Pott’s Point to be exact).

The exterior of the restaurant is nothing out of the ordinary and could very easily go unnoticed, if not for the abundance of happy diners chatting away as they enjoy their meals. The interior, however, is stunning. Modern, chic, great attention to detail and with just a hint of Asian influence – very much like the dishes the restaurant serves.

Although I wanted to sit inside and admire the ambience, unfortunately the only table left was outside. I can’t complain, though, because the extra light made it a lot easier to take photos :)

Crispy King Prawns, Chipotle Mayonnaise

Crispy king prawns, chipotle mayonnaise ($4)

Because it had been such a crazy first week back at work (and the many months prior) we decided to go all out and get a number of dishes to share between the two of us.

The first of which was the Crispy King Prawns (shown above). These came out looking spectacular! The crispy wrapping, looking almost graceful with it’s flowing twists and turns, was a delight to bite into. The prawn was cooked perfectly and the dollop of chipotle mayonnaise added just the right amount of punch to the dish. Needless to say all four prawns disappeared off the plate in quick succession!

Seared Scallops, Corn, Celery, Red Radish

Seared scallops, corn, celery, red radish ($21)

If I had to pick one dish as the standout savoury dish of the night, it would be the Seared Scallops. Now I know the prawns came out looking spectacular, however, the Seared Scallops was on another level. Exquisitely colourful and brilliantly plated, I almost failed to pause and take a photo. And with my first bite, I was blown away by the taste. This dish is so incredibly fresh and had just the perfect balance of flavours. I highly recommend you give it a try!

Spiced Zucchini Fritters, Baby Roquette, Lemon Yoghurt

Spiced zucchini fritters, baby roquette, lemon yoghurt ($16)

Yes, I know fritters aren’t exactly the best looking dishes to come out of a kitchen, but the taste of these Spiced Zucchini fritters was all that was needed to grant it a winner. Perfectly cooked, it was bursting with flavour. The addition of the lemon yoghurt took me back to my trip to India many years ago.

Spiced Lamb Rump, Cauliflower, Beans, Harissa

Spiced lamb rump, cauliflower, beans, harissa ($32)

Time for another confession; I find it very difficult saying no to a lamb dish. So naturally we had to order the Spiced Lamb Rump. As with the above dishes, this tasted great! The lamb was soft, tender and juicy. My one small qualm is that I wish it had come out just a touch hotter (temperature wise).

Roast Duck Breast, Beetroot Relish, Crisp Baby Potatoes

Roast duck breast, beetroot relish, crisp baby potatoes ($25)

Okay, so this will make me sound like a pig, but I also can’t resist duck! Thankfully my colleague loves duck as well, so I managed to get my way with the menu again :)

Having already had duck for lunch earlier in the day – Oh fine. I’m a pig! – I’m very happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the Roast Duck Breast at Lotus. Unlike the duck I had earlier, this was cooked beautifully. The meat tender and the skin rendered just right. And my apologies for the God-awful camera angle, however, I can assure you that this dish was presented really well.

Apple Tart With Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream

Apple tart with roasted white chocolate ice cream ($15) 

Fresh Diced Mango, Coconut Sorbet, Kaffir Lime, Lemongrass

Fresh diced mango, coconut sorbet, kaffir lime, lemongrass ($15)

When the deserts came out to the table, they both looked equally delicious in their own unique ways. The Apple Tart had a beautiful earthy colour to the dish, whereas the Fresh Diced Mango looked more pure yet colourful.

In terms of taste, the Apple Tart was amazing. Wonderful flavours, with the creamy white chocolate ice cream not overpowering everything, but instead offering the perfect balance with the sweet and crunchy open apple tart. So why did the dish leave me disappointed? Because I regretted eating the better desert first :( Even my colleague admitted that it tasted better than the Diced Mango desert. Oh well, it was time to dig into the second desert anyway…

Woah! That was unexpected! The Diced Mango desert was in fact delicious! Like I said earlier, it was delicious in it’s own unique way. Without taking anything away from the Apple Tart, the Diced Mango offered an unmatched level of freshness and zest that made it exhilarating to taste. The addition of the lemongrass was also a surprising delight. Now perhaps it’s because I grew up eating mangos and coconuts? Who know and who cares, because I really really loved this desert!

Last Italian Cocktail

Last Italian Cocktail ($19)
grappa, plymouth gin, green chartreuse, lime.

Oh yeah, I should mention that Lotus is known for it’s excellent cocktail bar. There are plenty of drinks to choose from, and if you like tangy drinks that kick, I recommend the ‘Last Italian’! Yum!

Before I finish off the review, I’d like to compliment the service staff at the restaurant. They were all very attentive and incredibly friendly. A special shout out to the stunning Jannah, whose smile and sense of humour made the night even more enjoyable.

If you ever find yourself in the Eastern Suburbs, looking for a nice meal, I highly recommend you try Lotus. The head chef, Dan Hong, has done a really wonderful job in taking the restaurant to where it is today.

First image sourced from Lotus.

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  • Food 9/10
  • Ambience 7/10
  • Service 8/10
  • Value 8/10
  • Name: Lotus
  • Website:
  • Phone: (02) 9326 9000
  • Location: 22 Challis Avenue, Potts Point. 2011. NSW.
  • Opening Hours: Closed
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  1. Hollypop says:

    oh my gosh, the dessert…….. YUM. i need to go back here. i went once a few years ago as part of a merivale promotion and it was very good. your pictures are great. the cocktails are so good there(and the bar tenders are cuuuute). YES, definitely need to go back!

  2. Eating in Sydney says:

    Thanks Holly! I’m also looking forward to visiting Lotus again. Apparently their Cheese Burgers are brilliant as well! P.S Love your blog :)

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