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Din Tai Fung World Square – Sydney CBD, Chinese Restaurant Review

Din Tai Fung - Exterior

The name Din Tai Fung is synonymous with dumplings. Why? Because the international restaurant chain is said to make some of the tastiest dumplings in the world. But then again, statements like these are thrown around all the time in the food industry. At the end of the day, what it comes down to is how delicious and enjoyable the meal is to the diner on the day.

A perfect example of this was when I first visited Din Tai Fung at their Westfield Sydney location. On that occasion I was left very unimpressed with the food. So why did I recommend Din Tai Fung when my mates wanted to catch up over dinner? Because I had heard enough good reviews from my peers to warrant a second visit.

This time around we visited Din Tai Fung at their premier World Square location and right from the start, it was a whole new experience. The restaurant, adorned with floor to ceiling glass, just oozed warmth and a buzz that was very inviting.

Din Tai Fung - Interior

Being such a popular restaurant, Din Tai Fung doesn’t accept bookings, so we were told there would be a 45min wait before we could be seated. Normally that would be a concern, however, there is a nice bar located right next door so we had drinks there until our table was ready.

Now on my previous visit, I had only sampled two of the dishes on Din Tai Fung’s menu. But with a group of five on the night, we had the awesome opportunity of sampling more than usual!

Din Tai Fung - Crab Meat & Roe with Pork Dumplings

Crab Meat & Roe with Pork Dumplings (8pc) – $19.80

Although more expensive than the ‘standard’ Pork Dumplings, these Crab Meat & Roe Pork Dumplings were simply divine. Cooked beautifully, they packed an incredible flavour punch as they broke apart in your mouth.

Din Tai Fung - Pork Dumplings

Steamed Pork Dumplings (8pcs) – $12.80

Yes, I did refer to these as being ‘standard’, but in truth there is nothing standard about them. It’s a simple dumpling, yet delicious none the less. Think of it as garlic bread and order a few before you dig into the rest of your meal.

Din Tai Fung - Vegetable & Pork Jiao Zi

Vegetable & Pork Jiao Zi (6pcs) – $10.80

Yum! Who knew something green (sort of) could taste so good :)

Din Tai Fung - Shrimp & Pork Jiao Zi

Shrimp & Pork Jiao Zi (6pcs) – $11.80

The last time I had tried these, they were a tad overcooked and left me disappointed. On this occasion, however, they were cooked just right and tasted delicious.

Din Tai Fung - Shrimp & Pork WonTon Noodle dipped a Spicy Sauce

Shrimp & Pork WonTon Noodle dipped a Spicy Sauce – $13.80

Ahhh… spicy sauce! I’m not a big fan of spicy food, so I won’t make a judgement on these myself. But going by the reactions of my mates, it seemed to be a good dish.

Din Tai Fung - Shanghai Style Drunken Chicken

Shanghai Style Drunken Chicken – $10.80

Succulent, tender chicken complete with extra fatty skin. Yum!

Din Tai Fung - Crumbed Chicken Fillet with fried Medium Grain Rice

Crumbed Chicken Fillet with fried Medium Grain Rice – $14.80

Another dish that had left me disappointed previously, yet once again, tasted brilliant on this occasion. The chicken was freshly cooked and combined with the fried rice, made for a great meal. I think we went through three of these on the night!

Din Tai Fung - Shredded Beef fried with Medium Grain Rice

Shredded Beef fried with Medium Grain Rice – $12.80

My favourite fried rice is still the Three Egg Fried Rice from Chefs Gallery, however, I have to commend Din Tai Fung for their fried rice as well. Both the beef and plain fried rice we received were delicious.

So at the end of the day (or night), I was very happy with my experience at Din Tai Fung World Square. Despite my previous disappointment, I  guess I was always quietly confident that the restaurant would deliver on it’s promise :)

P.S – No doubt there are other restaurants tucked away in the streets of Sydney that offer even more amazing dumplings, but until then, Din Tai Fung shall remain my favourite.

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  • Food 9/10
  • Ambience 8/10
  • Service 8/10
  • Value 8/10
  • Name: Din Tai Fung
  • Website:
  • Phone: (02) 9264 6010
  • Location: World Square Shopping Centre, Level 1, Shop 11.04, 644 Geogre St Sydney, NSW 2000
  • Opening Hours: Lunch
    Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 2:30pm
    Sat-Sun: 11:00am - 3:00pm
    Mon-Wed: 5:30pm - 9:00pm
    Thu-Sat: 5:00pm - 9:30pm
    Sunday: 5:00pm - 9:00pm
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  1. the Crab Meat & Roe with Pork Dumplings sound yummy!

  2. Eating in Sydney says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I read the menu! Thankfully they didn’t let me down in the slightest.

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