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Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse – Sydney CBD, Restaurant Review

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Situated well back from King Street in Sydney’s CBD, walking into Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse feels like a step back in time.

It’s not just the restaurant’s interior that has an olden day charm, but leading up to the entrance, you are greeted by traditional sandstone walls that would have been all the norm a couple of hundred years ago. In fact, after some googling, it seems that Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse resides in the oldest industrial building in Sydney! And one that is heritage listed as well.

The occasion on the night was a post-holiday catchup with the boys, and what better way to do that then over some steak and beer, right? So after all the super-manly relationship advice sharing had subsided we ordered the following from the menu…

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Freshly Baked Damper from Fuel Bakery served with salted butter – $5.90

Thankfully none of us could resist the temptation of freshly baked bread to kick things off. These came out so nice and warm and was beautiful to taste combined with the salted butter.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Fried Calamari, Potato & Zucchini served with aioli – $18.90

The presentation of this item surprised me as I was expecting a more traditional looking Fried Calamari. While it tasted alright, albeit a little on the greasy side, the portion was rather small given the price. I’d probably give this a miss if I visited again.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Homemade Triple Cooked Fries with rosemary salt – $9.90

We made the mistake of ordering two of this chunky bad boys! Delicious fries, especially if you have some of the aioli left over from the previous dish, but a warning that it is very filling.

Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse

Pan Roasted Lamb Rump with lyonnaise potatoes, spinach and mint jus – $32.90

You know that moment where despite your previous food envies at seeing your mate’s dishes arrive, you realise that you’ve just ordered the best dish of the lot? That’s exactly how I felt after taking the first bite of the Lamb Rump. It was cooked to perfection with the accompaniments adding just the right bursts of flavour. Even visually it was spectacular, with my mates agreeing that it looked far better than their steaks (score!).

So despite the slightly disappointing Fried Calamari, I would most definitely come back to Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse, if not for the delicious Lamb Rump, then at least for the olden day charm of its heritage listed abode.

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  • Food 8/10
  • Ambience 8/10
  • Service 7/10
  • Value 7/10
  • Name: Kingsleys Australian Steakhouse
  • Website:
  • Phone: (02) 9295 5080
  • Location: 29A King St, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Opening Hours: Lunch: Mon - Fri: 12pm - 3pm
    Dinner: Mon - Sat: 6pm - 10:30pm
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