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Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage – Glebe, Mexican Restaurant Review

Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage

I first stumbled onto Cantina Mobil at their Darlinghurst store – where a big sign on the window notified me of their Glebe store opening. Since I had previously tried Max Mex and Guzman y Gomez, I was very keen to see how Cantina Mobil’s burritos fared against theirs – especially when the new store had opened so close to my work!

Before we get to the burrito, I have to briefly mention the interior design at the restaurant. It’s simply stunning! Having recently returned from a trip to South America, I was surprised and delighted by how well Cantina Mobil had encompassed the cultural decor. Latin America is all about colours, and the restaurant is an abundance of beautiful, vibrant colours and artwork. Add to this the mock food van that is parked inside and serves as the bar, the overall look is absolutely brilliant!

Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage

Now onto the burrito… While some people have mentioned their dislike for Cantina Mobil’s burritos (namely those that have bought them from the actual food trucks driving around the city), I actually found the burrito to be quite delicious.

First thing to notice is the size, it’s freakin massive, which is perfect when you’re starving after a night out, or if you’re famished after slugging it out at work all day.

Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage

The contents of the burrito is a little different to most because it lacks rice – which I thought I’d miss, but given the abundance of chicken, pinto beans and lettuce, makes for a very yummy burrito. Especially if you pay a little extra and get their zesty chipotle mayo! Mmm!

Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage

Chicken Burrito – $10
Marinated chicken, lettuce, pinto beans, sour cream, cheddar cheese, guacamole (extra), tomato salsa.

One thing I have to admit, though, is the value for money at Cantina Mobil. Given that the base cost of the burrito is $10, it seems a little steep to ask for extra money for both the guacamole as well as the chipotle mayo. At the end of the day, this is a burrito you’re buying.

Here are some more interior photos for you to enjoy. Note that they have plenty of seating options both upstairs in the main area, as well as an outdoor area at the back.

On the few occasions I have visited for lunch on weekdays, the restaurant has only had a handful of patrons. Which I think has less to do with the food and more to do with the fact that it is a little far up Glebe Point Road – away from the buzzing university area. Either way, though, I do recommend giving this place a ago!

Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage

Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage

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  • Food 7/10
  • Ambience 9/10
  • Service 7/10
  • Value 6/10
  • Name: Cantina Mobil Bar & Garage
  • Website:
  • Phone: 0452 639 426
  • Location: 99 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037
  • Opening Hours:
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