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Spanish Restaurants

MoVida Sydney – Surry Hills, Spanish Restaurant Review


Life is full of lessons – I can’t believe I just opened a foodie blog post with that line – and one of the lessons I’ve been taught recently by a work colleague, is that the suburb of Surry Hill aint so bad. In fact, it is actually freaking great!¬†After avoiding the suburb for far too long, I’ve only recently … Continue Reading

MoVida Bar De Tapas – Melbourne, Restaurant Review


Just like everything else in Melbourne, this trendy little Tapas Bar is nestled inside an alleyway. Not just any alleyway though, it’s perhaps the most striking of it’s kind in Melbourne. The street art adorning it’s walls are nothing short of amazing! Back to MoVida, though, as I mentioned above this cute little bar is incredibly trendy so getting a … Continue Reading