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Emergency Plumbing Tips That Every Sydney Homeowner Should Know

Taking good care of your home demands understanding some basic plumbing do’s and don’ts. Plumbing emergencies in Sydney occur when least expected. It can be quite frustrating waking up to a heavy leakage or finding your bathroom flooded in the middle of the night.

Although there are many local plumbing companies that offer emergency services in Sydney, it’s also good to know how to attend to emergencies. If you try fixing an issue by yourself but it proves unmanageable, then you can contact your local emergency plumber in Sydney to take care of it.

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Here’s What You Should Know about Plumbing Emergencies in Sydney

Emergency plumbers deal with issues that are different from what routine plumbers can handle. Here are some of the things you should know about emergencies involving plumbing:

  1. There are certain things you can’t repair yourself

There are certain plumbing issues that require instant repair and being fixed the right way to avoid further damage. While some minor issues are easy to handle, some things may be out of your control and they would need the attention of a qualified emergency plumber.

Emergency plumbers can repair almost all plumbing and gas problems. They offer instant and 24/7 plumbing solutions including:

  • Tracing and repairing sewer and drain problems
  • Repairing overflowing or running toilets
  • Fixing gas leaks
  • Repairing burst pipes

Any plumbing issue that can damage your home or cause you any harm should be treated as an emergency. Never hesitate to contact an emergency service to fix it.

  1. Plumbing emergency services are 24/7

A routine plumber is never available at the oddest times of the day. Sadly, plumbing issues occur at the oddest times such as late in the night or over the weekend. Emergencies occur at any time and you’d need a service that’s available 24/7 and is only a call away. The best emergency plumber should attend to your plumbing issue as soon as possible before it causes further damage.

  1. Be ready to part with a little bit more

If you need premium services, then you should be ready to pay a little bit more. Truly professional and certified plumbers will come to your rescue late in the night by fixing dangerous and complicated plumbing issues with efficiency and speed. Thus, they deserve a good paycheck.

  1. Fixing Water Leaks and Broken Pipes

It’s extremely important for every homeowner to know where each and every shut-off valve in their plumbing system is located. By so doing, you’ll find it easier to manage your home water supply system, especially when having emergencies. Also, inspect your water heater, washing machines, showers, tubs, sinks, and other water appliances in your home. In case a plumber is servicing your plumbing system or appliances, seek information from them regarding the location and state of the stop valves. Getting information from professionals will give you more confidence in your plumbing system.

  1. What should you do when a major pipe bursts?

Burst pipes are an emergency that should be attended to immediately. Although a burst pipe is something you may not fix on your own, there are certain things you can do to manage the problem before your plumber arrives. You can simply stop more water loss by shutting off the valve leading to the burst pipe. In case you can’t locate a nearby valve, then turn off your home’s main valve. The plumber will do the rest upon their arrival.

When to hire a professional emergency service

Although you might manage to fix some minor plumbing issues by yourself, it’s important to seek the assistance of a qualified plumber to assess the situation. DIY plumbing tends to be a temporary fix that has the potential to cause bigger issues. Professionally trained and experienced plumbers can easily detect problems and fix their root causes rather than applying temporary patches that will cause bigger issues.

While you may know some basic plumbing workarounds, you can’t call yourself an expert if you’re not certified. Whenever you experience a plumbing problem such as water or gas leak, call an expert immediately. Ensure the emergency plumber you’re about to hire is fully insured, certified, guaranteed, fairly priced, has referees, is available 24/7, and delivers quality work.

The best plumber in Sydney is the one who can assist you at any time. A professional plumber will ensure that the issue is completely fixed for your safety and keep your property from further damage. Only work with a trustworthy and reliable plumbing company for all your emergency and routine plumbing needs.

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How To Pet Proof The Plumbing In Your Sydney Home

Most homeowners in Sydney keep companion pets. As such, it’s crucial to keep your plumbing pet-proof to ensure that your pets are safe. Pets are curious animals and always get into trouble. Pets can also damage most fittings and fixtures, including your plumbing.

pet proof your plumbing

There are certain things you can do to keep your pets and plumbing safe. Here’s a guide on how to make your plumbing pet-proof:

  1. Cover any exposed drains and pipes

Pets like chewing almost everything, including shoes, toys, and exposed pipes. In case your pet is extremely curious, it might want to chew exposed drains or pipes. While doing so will damage your plumbing, it also has the potential to cause harm to your beloved pet. It’s advisable to cover your plumbing lines to avoid damage and leakage. Covering exposed drains and pipes will also keep your pet away from the vet.

In case you have little pets, ensure all floor drains are covered. Your little pets may attempt to enter through the open drains and they can get trapped in there. Animals such as puppies, small kittens, mice, and hamsters can fit in tiny openings. Thus, cover all drain and pipe openings to keep your pets safe. Exposed drains can cause issues not only to animals, but can also cause health issues to humans.

  1. Keep the drains protected

Pet owners are hardly surprised when mud and hair come off their pets when bathing them. When mud and hair get caught in the drain, they can clog it. Pet hair is actually coarser and thicker than that of a human being. You should prevent the buildup of mud and animal hair in the drains by using effective drain stoppers.

  1. Watch the garden areas where your dog loves digging

While most water and sewer lines are buried deep beneath the surface, some might be laying too shallow. If the pipe is not laid deep beneath the surface, your dog can easily access it when digging and rip it apart, leading to leaks. Prevent such damage by blocking the area to make it out of reach. If you’re not sure where your pipelines are located, have a local plumber mark them for you.

  1. Keep the toilet lid closed

Even if your pet’s water bowl is full, they’ll still want to drink some water from a toilet bowl. Cats and dogs are known to do this. Although they won’t damage your toilet by drinking from it, you need to keep it pet-proof. The toilet water may be contaminated with toilet cleaners. Toilet cleaners comprise of strong chemicals. The chemical residue can remain in the water even after several flushes. Ingesting toilet water can lead to health problems. Thus, keep the lid closed at all times to prevent your feline friends from drinking from it or falling in accidentally and get exposed to dangerous chemicals.

  1. Dispose of pet litter properly

Even if some pet litter might be labeled as okay to flush, it’s not proper to flush any kind of litter down your toilet. Litter can create stubborn clogs in your toilet and drain line. Clearing serious clogs can be quite costly. Thus, the only items you should flush down your toilet is your waste matter and toilet paper.

If you follow these tips, you’ll stand better chances of preventing most plumbing problems caused by pets. However, if your pet has already damaged your plumbing fittings or fixtures, contact your local plumber for assistance. A trustworthy, professional, and reliable plumber can fix all plumbing problems before they become disastrous.

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What You Should Know Regarding Emergency Plumbing

There are several things that can go wrong with plumbing. You might get home from a vacation only to find the basement flooded. Maybe the day for hosting a family event is around the corner and the sewer line is spilling raw sewage all over your backyard.

Regardless of the plumbing issue that may come up, most homeowners only realize the importance of plumbing when they lack a basic necessity. Plumbing issues occur when least expected. In such cases, seeking an emergency plumbing service would be your best bet.

However, emergency calls are not for all plumbing situations. Emergency services tend to be expensive. Thus, it would help if you’re in a position to contain a plumbing issue as you wait for your regular plumbing company to attend to it during regular working hours. However, certain plumbing situations need immediate attention. They include:


  1. Flooding

In older homes, weeping tiling may be directly connected to piping that leads to a sewer line. The role of the weeping tiling is funneling water flow away from the home. During heavy rains, any blockage that might be existing within the pipe connected to the weeping tiling can cause rainwater to flow upwards.

The water will end up flowing into your home through the lowest fixtures such as your downstairs bathroom or the floor drains. Consequently, the lowest floor in your home will flood.

flooding emergency plumbing

Flooding should be treated as an emergency since hazardous material may back up in your home. You should avoid further damage to your property and harm to your health by calling an emergency plumbing service.

The plumber will snake your drain to unclog it and prevent water from flowing back into your home. They’ll also assist with cleaning up the mess and offer expert opinion on possible remedies that can prevent the issue from recurring.


  1. Frozen Pipes

In case you’ve arrived home after a vacation during winter, only to turn on a valve and there’s no water running from the faucet or shower, then your pipes might be frozen. If some water supply pipes are sitting on uninsulated areas for a prolonged period of time during winter, they might burst.

Upon bursting, cold water may fill the surrounding areas and possibly damage the floor, walls, and even furniture. Although your insurance might help, it’ll still prove stressful to deal with the mess.

If your pipes are frozen, then you’ll need an emergency plumbing company to fix the issue. They’ll come with specialized tools to fix the pipes by defrosting them.

They’ll also advise you on how to prevent the issue from recurring. For instance, they’ll advise you to insulate the affected pipes or reroute them. You can also wrap the pipes with a good heat conductor such as a wire.

If you’re lucky to notice the issue early enough, you can control it by locating the main water shutoff valve and turning it off. Doing so will prevent further damage before the emergency plumber arrives.

blocked drains plumbing

  1. Blocked Drains

If your sink is not draining properly, first try to check whether the tub will drain by turning on the faucet feeding it. In case the tub fails to drain as well, then your drain line is blocked.

Such an issue is not something you can fix by clearing debris and hair from the pop-up assembly. It needs the attention of a qualified emergency plumber. They’ll be able to fix the root cause of the problem.

In other cases, the drain may be clogged by debris and hair that is trapped within the pipe. Such clogs can be cleared by a drain snake. However, some problems may be more stubborn and located deeper down the drain line.

In such cases, the plumber will inspect the drain with a special camera and be able to see the exact location of the clog. Once the clog is detected, the plumber will proceed to unclog it using the best approach.

Older homes that have copper pipes usually experience clogs caused by roots. Roots from nearby trees infiltrate pipes and crack them. On the other hand, newer homes mostly have PVC pipes. PVC pipes can bend over time.

Grease and water may pool around the bend and upon hardening, a stubborn blockage will be formed. Snaking may not clear such a clog. If you’re unable to flush these types of clogs, then the best solution would be replacing the affected pipe and that would be a costly and labor-intensive process.

Every homeowner wishes that they’ll never pick up their phone to call an emergency plumbing service. However, it would help to keep the contact of a trustworthy and reliable emergency plumbing company handy just in case you experience a plumbing emergency.

Luckily, we’re one of Sydney’s most experienced and trusted emergency plumbing companies. Our service vans are always fully stocked with all the necessary plumbing tools and equipment. Thus, we’re able to respond to emergencies quickly throughout the Sydney area.