Emergency Plumbing Tips for Managing Broken Pipes and Water Leaks in Sydney

If you want to become a successful property owner in Sydney, then it’s important to know some basic plumbing tips. Your home can never feel safe when a plumbing emergency strikes.

Plumbing emergencies are extremely frustrating, especially if you don’t know where the shutoff valves are situated or how your plumbing fixtures and fittings work.

Although not everyone possesses great plumbing DIY skills and not everyone can be a plumber, it won’t hurt to learn some basics of plumbing.

After all, supply pipes can burst open and cause a major flood in your home at a time when you can’t get a plumber in Sydney to attend to the problem immediately.

Broken water pipes are just one of the many emergency plumbing problems that occur in a home. Plumbing issues such as frozen pipes, sewer backup, and clogged drains are also common.

water leaking under the sink drain p-trap

Clogged drains slow or stop wastewater from flowing down the drain system. In worst cases, the entire drainage system may fail and any attempt to use water may cause an overflow.

You can avoid such ugly situations by knowing more about your home’s plumbing system and have some ideas about what you can do to avoid disasters in the event of plumbing emergencies.

Water leaks or broken pipes

It’s extremely necessary to know when all water shutoff valves in your home are located. You should at least know where the shutoff valves for appliances and utilities in the toilet, bathroom, kitchen, yard, and basement are located.

Inspect where the shutoff valves for heating systems, water heaters, kitchen sink, tubs, toilet pipes, and other plumbing appliances are located.

You should also know where your home’s main water supply shutoff valve is located. It’s often located near the main water meter.

In case you’re unable to locate the shutoff valves and you have no idea about where to check, ask your local plumber about their location any time they’ll come to do plumbing repairs in your home.

Getting information about shutoff valves from an experienced plumber will give you more confidence if you’ll have to fix a plumbing emergency such as a broken pipe or water leak. You’ll surely feel good about yourself when you know what to do during an emergency.

Although you’ll still have to call your plumber to fix the broken pipe or water leak, you should first control the water leakage to avoid flooding and costly damages to your property.

Besides, you’ll have enough time to search for an ideal plumber and save the money you’d have spent hiring a costly emergency plumbing service.

DIY Solutions for Broken Pipes

Before calling a plumber, there are certain fixes you can try to control a burst pipe. You should turn off the valve that connects to the burst pipe to prevent water loss and costly damages.

If you’re unable to find a dedicated shutoff valve to a specific pipe, then you’ll need to shut off your home’s main water supply.

Sometimes, turning off the water supply may not stop the water flow immediately. In this case, open all the cold water supply faucets to drain the entire plumbing system.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you’ll stand a better chance of controlling emergency plumbing problems resulting from leaking or broken pipes. Once you put the situation under control, contact your preferred plumber to fix the problem.

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