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What You Should Know Regarding Emergency Plumbing

There are several things that can go wrong with plumbing. You might get home from a vacation only to find the basement flooded. Maybe the day for hosting a family event is around the corner and the sewer line is spilling raw sewage all over your backyard.

Regardless of the plumbing issue that may come up, most homeowners only realize the importance of plumbing when they lack a basic necessity. Plumbing issues occur when least expected. In such cases, seeking an emergency plumbing service would be your best bet.

However, emergency calls are not for all plumbing situations. Emergency services tend to be expensive. Thus, it would help if you’re in a position to contain a plumbing issue as you wait for your regular plumbing company to attend to it during regular working hours. However, certain plumbing situations need immediate attention. They include:


  1. Flooding

In older homes, weeping tiling may be directly connected to piping that leads to a sewer line. The role of the weeping tiling is funneling water flow away from the home. During heavy rains, any blockage that might be existing within the pipe connected to the weeping tiling can cause rainwater to flow upwards.

The water will end up flowing into your home through the lowest fixtures such as your downstairs bathroom or the floor drains. Consequently, the lowest floor in your home will flood.

flooding emergency plumbing

Flooding should be treated as an emergency since hazardous material may back up in your home. You should avoid further damage to your property and harm to your health by calling an emergency plumbing service.

The plumber will snake your drain to unclog it and prevent water from flowing back into your home. They’ll also assist with cleaning up the mess and offer expert opinion on possible remedies that can prevent the issue from recurring.


  1. Frozen Pipes

In case you’ve arrived home after a vacation during winter, only to turn on a valve and there’s no water running from the faucet or shower, then your pipes might be frozen. If some water supply pipes are sitting on uninsulated areas for a prolonged period of time during winter, they might burst.

Upon bursting, cold water may fill the surrounding areas and possibly damage the floor, walls, and even furniture. Although your insurance might help, it’ll still prove stressful to deal with the mess.

If your pipes are frozen, then you’ll need an emergency plumbing company to fix the issue. They’ll come with specialized tools to fix the pipes by defrosting them.

They’ll also advise you on how to prevent the issue from recurring. For instance, they’ll advise you to insulate the affected pipes or reroute them. You can also wrap the pipes with a good heat conductor such as a wire.

If you’re lucky to notice the issue early enough, you can control it by locating the main water shutoff valve and turning it off. Doing so will prevent further damage before the emergency plumber arrives.

blocked drains plumbing

  1. Blocked Drains

If your sink is not draining properly, first try to check whether the tub will drain by turning on the faucet feeding it. In case the tub fails to drain as well, then your drain line is blocked.

Such an issue is not something you can fix by clearing debris and hair from the pop-up assembly. It needs the attention of a qualified emergency plumber. They’ll be able to fix the root cause of the problem.

In other cases, the drain may be clogged by debris and hair that is trapped within the pipe. Such clogs can be cleared by a drain snake. However, some problems may be more stubborn and located deeper down the drain line.

In such cases, the plumber will inspect the drain with a special camera and be able to see the exact location of the clog. Once the clog is detected, the plumber will proceed to unclog it using the best approach.

Older homes that have copper pipes usually experience clogs caused by roots. Roots from nearby trees infiltrate pipes and crack them. On the other hand, newer homes mostly have PVC pipes. PVC pipes can bend over time.

Grease and water may pool around the bend and upon hardening, a stubborn blockage will be formed. Snaking may not clear such a clog. If you’re unable to flush these types of clogs, then the best solution would be replacing the affected pipe and that would be a costly and labor-intensive process.

Every homeowner wishes that they’ll never pick up their phone to call an emergency plumbing service. However, it would help to keep the contact of a trustworthy and reliable emergency plumbing company handy just in case you experience a plumbing emergency.

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